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Drug Addiction Recovery


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Based upon scientific research, it is now known that substance problems are the result of biochemical imbalances that disrupt the normal workings of neurotransmitters, the chemicals in the brain that pass messages from one brain cell to another and reward us with good feelings. Imbalances in these brain chemicals can be a cause and/or result of excessive alcohol or other drug use.

When people stop using addictive substances, because of these imbalances in the brain, they experience severe abstinence symptoms such as high levels of anxiety, depression, mood swings, hypersensitivity to noise or lights, stress sensitivity, and drug cravings. These symptoms persist even after the acute early symptoms of withdrawal subside. We refer to them as chronic abstinence symptoms.

Our Power Recovery PAKS (Dopamine PAK, Serotonin PAK, GABA PAK, and Endorphin PAK) were developed by Dr. C E Gant to support addiction recovery by supplying the brain with high levels of the appropriate amino acids and other raw materials needed to restore neurotransmitter production and balance brain chemistry.

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"Our son Jordan was diagnosed with ADHD. We used the product “Focus”and he has done wonderfully."

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